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Congress for New Urbanism 202 Course


Presented by Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Visiting Scholar Florida Atlantic University, Delray Beach CRA - Dianna Colonna, Executive Director, Jeff Costello Assistant Director and Elizabeth Burrows  Marketing & Grants Manager.

This 202 class focuses on strategies used to redevelop and revitalize important secondary cross-streets relative to the "main" street corridor. Using Delray Beach as the case study, the speaker panel will talk about the planning process, the financial incentives, communication and marketing strategies and urban design concepts used to revitalize three North/South streets intersecting the thriving Atlantic Avenue corridor in downtown Delray Beach.

Fifth Avenue, Second Avenue (known as Pineapple Grove), and US Rt 1/Federal Highway, represent three distinct opportunities to propagate residential and retail development off of Atlantic Ave, north and south. Despite their proximity, the location of each street relative to anchoring activities on Atlantic Avenue, their traffic pattern and surrounding neighborhood required the CRA and City of Delray to adopt unique strategies relevant to the sites. Workshop participants will learn how the opportunities were identified and how tailored strategies were developed and implemented.  There will be a discussion of Site Development Assistance Programs, Business Development Assistant Programs and beautification grant programs, and how effective marketing and communication techniques were used to win public support. Participants will also hear the perspective of land developers and tenants, as they assessed these locations and the city’s effort for continued economic expansion.



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