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Sea Level Rise: A Present-day Challenge for Southeast Florida, Boca Raton- Friday 21, 2014

As a member of the panel at this educational outreach event, I presented a primer on Sea Level Impacts on South Florida to an audience of approximately 70 at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.  This presentation, geared to laypersons with minimal background on climate change issues, explained the sea level rise phemomenon, expected rates of sea level rise in the region and possible impacts.  Collegues on the panel talked about current planning initatives and ways to engage in advocacy through informed voting and out reach initatives to elected officicals.

Powerpoint Presentation
King Tide Event in the Marina District, Delray Beach- October 19, 2013

I recently did an education outreach event on sea level rise in Delray Beach's Marina District on occasion of the seasonal 'King Tides". We discussed approaches to mitigating sea level rise and the role of the Regional Climate Action Plan in organizing a regional response to climate change impacts.  As many attendees requested, I have posted my notes outline and the PDF maps of sea level rise impact on the area.

Getting Traction on Climate Policy Initiatives:
A Partnering Workshop - March 2, 2013

A small group of professionals involved in environmental issues and citizen advocates have come together to form the South Florida Climate Action Partners.  We planned a one day "partnering workshop" to organize support for the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP).  The goals were to:

  • Educate a broad citizen base about the challenges climate change impacts will pose to our region in the future.

  • Promote public dialogue about our region's response to climate change and sea level rise.

  • Engage in regional advocacy efforts to fund and implement this plan, which will move our region toward climate resilience and sustainability.

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